Surprising Benefits of Acupuncture for Gut Health

Maintaining gut health can be essential for whole-body wellness, but conditions such as IBS, constipation and other gastric issues can get in the way of your normal everyday life. Discussing a treatment plan with your doctor for any stomach and gut issues you may have is critical, and incorporating Traditional Chinese Medicine into your treatment plan provides a more holistic approach to gut health. Acupuncture for stomach and gastric issues offers a host of benefits to help you on your journey to wellness.

Traditional Chinese Medicine draws its inspiration from the body’s eight meridians, which allow your Qi, or vital energy, to flow freely. Acupuncture can help prevent these pathways from becoming disrupted, which in turn works to improve blood flow, oxygen flow and nervous system function. When it comes to overall gut health, acupuncture may help reduce symptoms of IBS, nausea, constipation and other gastric issues. By restoring your Qi, you’re left feeling more in balance and you may find that stomach issues are lessened with regular acupuncture sessions.

During each session, ultra-fine needles are used to pinpoint precise pressure points in the body. The needles stimulate these pressure points to help restore your Qi, and the placement of them throughout the body targets your symptoms to help achieve your wellness goals. Needles are placed away from the nerves for a soothing, pain-free experience. Acupuncture for stomach bloating, IBS and other gastric concerns is a low-risk, noninvasive process, so there’s no need to feel anxious or nervous. You may even leave your sessions feeling calm, relaxed and reinvigorated.


Whether you have problems with bloating and constipation or chronic issues with IPS, acupuncture may help minimize symptoms and allow you to resume your active lifestyle without worry. This can also help improve your mental health and self-confidence, leading to whole-body wellness. Be sure to discuss your specific symptoms and concerns before your first session so our staff can craft a plan customized to meet your individual needs. When you’re ready to add acupuncture for gut health to your wellness plan, click here to schedule a consultation with our friendly and caring staff at Pura Acupuncture & Wellness in Encino, California.

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