IVF Treatments and Acupuncture: A Whole-Person Approach

Couples struggling with infertility often turn to IVF treatments to help expand their families, but these treatments require a whole-person approach for success. Proper nutrition, the support of a partner and regular visits with your primary care physician are just some of the ways to take a multi-step approach to infertility treatments. Another option that has shown promising results is acupuncture for fertility. This noninvasive procedure may help in several ways, such as preparing eggs for ovulation and reducing stress. Let’s take a look at acupuncture for fertility and how it can help you.

So, can acupuncture help with fertility? Traditional Chinese Medicine uses acupuncture to help those struggling with infertility achieve their goal of getting pregnant. Very fine needles are placed strategically to help prevent the pathways carrying vital energy throughout the body from being blocked. The result can be increased blood and oxygen flow. For some, this can help better prepare the body for pregnancy. Increased blood flow can help the uterine lining prepare for implantation, and targeted acupuncture can even help stimulate follicles to prepare eggs for ovulation.

When used in combination with your IVF treatment, acupuncture for fertility helps you create a whole-person approach to expanding your family. Restoring your Qi, your body’s vital energy, may help reduce stress and feelings of anxiety. By staying relaxed and centered, you can prepare your mind and body for pregnancy. If your healthcare provider has not yet recommended acupuncture for fertility IVF care, consider discussing this option to help increase your chances of getting pregnant.

As you consider acupuncture for fertility, cost may be a concern. Our dedicated and caring staff is ready to help you determine the proper plan for each stage of your pregnancy. This can help you coordinate your prenatal appointments and treatments while making it easier to plan for the total cost. A consultation can help you better understand how many sessions are needed for fertility and what to expect from each treatment. When you’re ready to add acupuncture to your fertility plan, click here to schedule an appointment with Pura Acupuncture & Wellness in Encino, California.

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